Beyond helping patients and their families at work, many BC Psychiatrists also make positive impacts in their community through volunteering. If you know a BCPA member who should be featured here, please contact the BCPA Executive at contact@psychiatrybc.ca.

Get Your Green On (Child and Youth Mental Health Awareness)

May 7 is just around the corner! This is the day our country focuses on child and youth mental health to bring awareness and combat stigma.


To acknowledge how important we think this initiative is, in 2014 the BC Psychiatric Association awarded its first advocacy grant to the BC Institute of Families to help support this important initiative. On April 8 2015, at the Collaborative meeting for Child and Youth Mental health held in Vancouver, BC Psychiatric Association President Dr. Carol-Ann Saari and Co-founder of the F.O.R.C.E. and the Institute of Families, Keli Anderson proudly displayed this year’s commemorative t-shirts were revealed.

For more information about the “Sharing the Care” Day and to order shirts and other promotional items, please go to www.familysmart.ca. If you know of a cause that is focused on promoting mental wellness and providing advocacy, please contact the executive at the BC Psychiatric Association at contact@psychiatrybc.ca.

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