Beautiful Minds Radio – Dr. Chris Gorman

Dr. Gorman on Beautiful Minds Radio
Dr. Chris Gorman is the Director of Outpatient Psychiatric Services at St. Paul’s Hospital. He also provides intake and group medical management services at the Mood Disorders Association in East Vancouver.

Beautiful Minds seeks to inform people about mental illness, promote mental health in all of us, increase acceptance and erode the stigma of mental illness. The show includes news, interviews, resources, humour and events related to mental illness. We explore common perceptions of mental illness, examine differing viewpoints regarding health service delivery, and include personal stories of those experiencing mental illness. Beautiful Minds can be heard at 7pm on the 2nd and 3rd Monday of each month on CFRO 100.5FM. Dr. Gorman is a regular host on this funny and informative show.

Visit the Beautiful Minds Radio website for more information.

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